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About Us

My mom and I were both inspired when we first learned about TpT in late 2012. I saw TpT as an amazing opportunity to start an online business that would actually make an impact on the lives of both students and teachers. As a recently retired teacher of 30+ years in Florida’s public schools, my mom Barbara viewed TpT as a way to continue to contribute in her chosen field even after retiring from active classroom duty. I ran with the idea and formed Jason’s Online Classroom. We quickly found out that we make a great team, and our combined efforts provide a unique twist to our resources. While I get a lot of the credit and name recognition, my mom is the behind-the-scenes secret that makes our resources special.


I’m the founder of Jason’s Online Classroom. In 2012, I started pursuing my dream of having an online classroom with teaching resources aimed at saving teachers time. Now, I get to wake up every day, work with family, and pursue my entrepreneurial dreams.

I hope to one day be able to turn this into much more than just an online store and blog. People call me crazy, but it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made! Each follower brings me a little closer to making my dreams come true so I sincerely thank you for stopping by our site!


I have lived and breathed education for over 42 years as an elementary teacher and as a parent of two boys. I have throughout those years had the opportunity to teach all grades PreK through 6th grade in Hillsborough and later in Pinellas Counties in Florida. I loved the classroom as a student also, earning my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and certification in Administration and Supervision.

Now, as a retired classroom teacher, I find a new outlet for this love of education through the production and sharing of information and knowledge gained over all those years, not to mention the wisdom gained from listening to children. In appreciation for all those talented teachers everywhere, I am enjoying the development and production of materials that will save teachers time and energy that can be devoted to the children. I am enjoying every minute of this endeavor.

Claysville Elementary School

I have used Jason's Online Resources for 2 years now. I have used everything from the start of school packets, holiday packets, to reading and math centers. One of the best resources I have ever found here is the reading connected with math packets. They are very interesting for my students and they don't feel like it's "work," but I can tell it's working. I wish these resources were available when I first started teaching!

Tina Wright 3rd Grade Teacher

St. James Catholic School

Whenever I visit teacherspayteachers.com Jason's Online Classroom is always my first stop. I have used many of his great resources on numerous occasions and they were amazing. When I switched grade levels 2 years ago, I immediately came to download the ELA standards for both 4th and 5th grade. They are colorful as well as child friendly. The best part is that all the resources are always reasonably priced. Best store out there for your classroom needs.

Liana Ferrer 4th and 5th ELA Teacher

Brentwood Elementary

I've absolutely loved using the "All About Me" page as part of our weekly VIP routine in first grade. I assign that page as their first homework assignment at the beginning of the year. I laminate them and it goes into a special sharing binder. Each child presents their page when they are chosen as the weekly VIP. I have them complete the same "All About Me" page at the end of the year and they get to compare their responses and also goes into a time capsule. They share so many giggles by doing so. It's so simple yet so fun. The best part is that Jason offers many different themes of this page and in Spanish! Love it!

Carla Polk 1st Grade Teacher

We specialize in digital downloads. All of our resources are saved as PDF documents that can be downloaded and immediately used in the classroom.

Our goal is to stay on top of the issues that affect teachers and offer a solution in a timely manner.

We pride ourselves on thinking about the pain points that teachers experience in the classroom and working on resources to alleviate those issues.

Time is the most valuable resource on Earth. Our goal is to save you time, so that you can focus on what really matters, teaching.



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